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  • 9.1 Issues

    We have been running 9.1 Build 14.22.2904.0 for about two months now and have several strange issues that we can't figure out:

    1. After hours something occurs on the ShoreTel System that resets the call history on our ST230ís to go back over 50 days. Example, when I came in yesterday my call history has calls from Jan 13 of this year and no recent history. This has happened several times in the past month. Power cycling the phone does not help.

    2. At the HQ site we have what seems to be random switch disconnects logged in the ShoreTel Server. This does not occur every day. We use Solar Winds IP monitor to do a simple ping to the switches every 15 seconds and during the time that the ShoreTel server reports a switch disconnect there were no network outages.

    3. When a voice message is marked as saved several users experienced their saved voice message getting purged. We do not have an auto delete setting enabled.

    Has anyone experienced any similar issues?