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  • Windows 7 and ShoreTel 10

    Issue: Customer's Operator computer crashed and against our recommendations, their IT department replaced with a Windows 7 computer.

    Although they are able to load Operator Call Manager and use it to change Mode status as well as external assignment, TAPI seems to be broken as the phone icon remains in disconnected status.

    Tried uninstalling, reloading and running the VistaTapiRepair.EXE, but nothing works to restore TAPI. Any thoughts?

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    Windows 7

    We have many windows 7 stations and have no issues with shoretel 10 (or when we were on 9 for that matter) like you describe.

    Are you leaving out a very relevant piece of information here? Is it possible the workstation is windows 7 64Bit?

    Most people with call manager issues like that are trying to run on 64bit OS.

    Just curious.

    A standard uninstall, clear the reg keys, reboot, re-install should work fine.

    See if the windows Firewall is on and blocking the connection.