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  • Remote Desktop Extension Monitor

    Wanted to see if anyone else has had this problem or not. I am a Mac user, that uses Remote Desktop to log into a Windows 2003 machine. I have my Shoretel Extension Monitor running on the Windows 2003 machine, and everything works great except for the fact that it never shows the call status next to the the user in the directory. It will show it they are in the office or not, but it will not show if they are on the phone, the number they have dialed, how long they have been on the phone, etc.
    I thought maybe since it was remote desktop, there was a lag issue. But I had someone put their phone to "away" and it showed up immediately in my monitor, so I wouldn't think that was the case.
    Is there a setting I'm missing somewhere?
    Thanks for your help!

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    I also use RDC to log into a Windows machine. I have never had any problems with Call Manager in this setup. Make sure permissions are setup correctly in Director.


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      Is there any Security software on the server... something like a firewall and/or Norton Internet Security?

      It sounds like the packets are being blocked...........