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  • Local calls calls going through as long distance

    I am a new Shoretel end user and I am facing 2 dial plan issue that I have never seen before. To accept the issue "as is" would mean that the Shoretel is a substandard product with respect to dial plans. I doubt this can be true...for such a basic function like dial plans, there must be something wrong. Here is what I am seeing (unlike any other phone system, Lucen, Mitel, Nortel....)

    1.) Phone display when dialing a local number. When dialing a local number, 9+7 digits or 9+10 digits, the display on the phone show 91+. This even though the call is local. It is driving everyone nuts (there are regular people that have been using phones all their lives) because they think the call is being processed as a long distance call. As a result they are always asking the admin team "are you sure?". Naturally the end users don't want to be accused of racking up a big LD bill. I was told that this is "just the way it is" with the Shoretel display on the phones. I have such a hard time believing that since this is such a basic no-no in intuitive design of a phone system. Can someone confirm if I should be pressing our vendor to resolve this? The display should only show the digits dialed, right or wrong, only the digits dialed.

    2.) LD calls in the home area code are being process when only dialing 9+.
    555-111-2222 is local, so 9,555-111-2222 goes through just fine (as does 9,111-2222).
    555-222-2222 is long distance, so this number should require a 91+ to complete.
    However, the user dials 9+555-222-2222 (or 9,222-2222), the display shows 915552222222 (as it does with all calls), and the call goes through. The carrier claims they will not process a long distance call unless a 1+10 digits is passed, but I am being told that the a 1 is not being passed. Is this right?

    If not for these two issues we would be very happy campers. Fortunately we can place calls just fine, but eventually this is going to be a problem if the LD bills start going up. I can't believe this is "the way it is". I have a Mitel system at our main office and none of the above happens.


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    Issue 1: no ideas yet, my IP230 shows (555)111-1111 when I make a call.

    Issue 2: Have you configured a "Local Prefixes" list under "Trunks..." and assigned it to your trunk group? That may resolve it.

    Some questions for clarification:
    - What build are you on?
    - What switches are you using?
    - What phones are you using?
    - How are your lines delivered? Analog, PRI, etc.


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      This can be corrected by using a local prefix list for the trunk group. It will display all the digits including the 9 + 1 when not using the prefix list. You won't actually be billed for a long distance call if a local # is dialed, its just the way it's appearing on the display.