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  • Account code collection

    Is there a way to turn off account code collection for calls that are routed using least cost routing? We currently use account codes to keep track of employee personal long distance use. They are currently provided by the LD carrier we are changing carriers and the new carrier wants $ per month per line to do this. So to save the company some money we decided to try to use the shoretel account codes. The way we are currently set up we have 9 sites at each site we have analog trunks some more than others depending on the size of the site. To prevent all the trunks at our smaller sites being used by another site for LCR, I carved out 1 or 2 lines at each site specifically for LCR. This has worked fine if the lines are busy they enter their account code and go on. If the lines are free they are not prompted to use their code. I would like the account codes to work the same way. Is it possible?