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  • Shorewaredirector time wrong

    I did a search on here and didnt find anything so maybe someone else has seen this.

    We have many different customers with many different versions of Shoreware installed (7.5 to 9.1, havent verified this issue with our 10.x sites yet). At all the sites the time on the server and the phones and switches is correct and the time zone in the the the Shoreware Director and on the server itself are correct.

    The issue appears when you look at Quicklook or print reports in Shoreware Director. At every site (wiht this issue) the GMT offset that it shows at the top of the Quicklook bage is off by one hour.

    The issue manifests itself when you print a report and it shows phone calls being made during times when the offices are closed and calls not being made when the office should be open. The incorrect times on the reports are always off by 1 hour.

    I did reapply the MS DST patch and also changed the timezone in Sites/headquarters and then changed it back. This did not fix the issue.

    Any ideas?

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    Same thing here. We had to apply a MS patch to the server. KB979306. We had to boot the server before it took hold.


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      I would try and restart the mysql serivce first, then see if that works with fixing the reports showing an hour off.

      If that doesnt work, reboot the shoretel director server.