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  • No service, laptops dropping connections

    We are experiencing some funky things. We are losing services on many phones and also laptops connected to phones dropping their network connection. All are connect to Extreme networks summit 300's. So far we have deleted phones out of director then reassign them back to user and/or replace phone. Now the computer connections are dropping when they are connected to the back of the phones. Very weird. Network hasn't changed for months. We have 3 idfs in the building and its only isolated to one of them. The phones that have been replaced work fines other parts of the building. I'm out of ideas. I have a ticket open with Extreme TAC right now. Any help or suggestions would be great.

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    What is your DHCP lease duration set to?


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      Try a packet sniffer, wireshark, maybe there is some weird network traffic generating from the location with the issues.


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        Lease time is set to 4 days. We have that on all our voice vlan scopes. We have 4 other scopes with same settings that are not having any issues.


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          Ok, good. We've seen in some environments where a really low lease time causes a lot of grief for the phones.

          This is a bit too general to speculate at without digging into it. There could be suspect traffic on the network causing the issue or there might be a power problem where consistent power isn't being delivered.

          I check your power utilization on the extreme switches to see if you are close to the max threshold at all. Are you running spanning tree? Does everything come back looking good when you check the STP stats?

          Is there any consistentency to the problem? Timeframe? Certain devices in a certain area first?


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            If it is just limited to that single IDF that is experiencing issues, have you check into the uplink to the MDF? Are there errors on the connection? Is it dropping connectivity? Is it fiber or copper? How many switches do you have in that IDF? Do they each trunk back or do they connect to an aggregation switch (distribution) and then back to the core?