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  • Overhead Paging

    Im having an issue with my analog phones not disconnecting when they access the overhead paging. It appears the phones are putting the page on hold instead of disconnecting when hanging up. This is happening over multiple sites that are using analog phones, yet my sites that use the IP phones do not have this problem.

    This problem seems to have started since we upgraded from 7.5 to 8.1

    I have added the following string value in KEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Shoreline Teleworks\Telephony Management Server\Settings

    debug_options give_bca_reminder_ring 1.,debug_options timeout_overhead_paging 15

    The first part of this string is to give a reminder ring for my BCAs and the second part is to disconnect the overhead paging after 15 seconds.

    Unfortunately, the overhead paging is still not disconnecting after 15 seconds when an analog phone ties it up.

    Any suggestions?

    Running 13.26.9203.0

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    Were you able to resolve the disconnect issue on your system? I am trying to force a disconnect timer on paging too.