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  • CallerID help


    I have a customer who wants to default all of thier outbound calls to a single "CallerID" number and name. We have called and set this up with thier phone carrier for all lines they have. The problem as they describe it to us is that the Shoretel System is sending out CallerID Data, which is preempting theirs.

    I have tried to play with several options to get Shoretel to not transmit CallerID information, so that the Carriers information will transmit by default.

    If I have a user call me, Whatever is displayed in thier Individual users CallerID box is sent. If i blank out this box, that same information is still sent.

    I have set IP Phones -> IP Phone address map's Caller's Emergency Service Identification (CESID) to the number I want used externally with no result.

    Finally, I can select their trunk group and under Outbound: i can uncheck Caller ID not blocked by default which will result in all outbound calls displaying "Restricted"

    What option/menu am I missing, i just want to allow the Carriers CID information (single number, Company name) to be used rather than the Shore tel information for all external calls.

    Thanks for your help,


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    Hmm.. sounds like an interesting problem. The steps you have taken should have had some effect on the outbound CLID. I have never tried to push nothing before, but I have changed what I push several times. What version and build of ShoreTel are you on? I presume that this is either a PRI or SIP trunk since you are able to push CLID, is that correct?

    Also as a side note, the carrier could override what you are pushing if they wanted to. Some carriers will not allow you to push CLID at all to cut down on telemarketing fraud. Also many telco providers check to make sure what you are pushing is a number that you own and if not they will replace it with your lead DID.


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      If you have a DID assigned to an extension, Shoretel is going to send that as the Caller ID value to the carrier. You can overwrite this by inputting a value into the Caller ID field on the extension.

      On a universal basis, you could certainly leverage some custom dial plan rules to apply it to everyone. It'd be best to coordinate with your partner to accomplish this.

      Blanning is right though, carriers do support controlling the CID value. The carrier is pulling your leg. In fact, on our implementations (Lots of carriers - ATT, Verizon, Paetec, TPAC, TW Telecom) we have to specifically tell them to trust the CID values we are sending otherwise they overwrite it with the main BTN. This is going to be your easiest method to achieve what you want.


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        Thanks, got the phone company overriding the outbound caller ID. Should be resolved in a few days when they process the request.