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  • 9.2 upgrade issue Win7 pro

    Having a display problem that appears to occur only on Win7pro machines that have been upgraded from Vista Business. The install version: 9.2 build14.41.9506.0. Have tried uninstall/reinstall.

    The problem is that the Call Manager windows are not complete. I can see no history, or directory (no bottom tabs), but there is dialing functionality. I have installed this version sucessfully on Win7pro scratch builds. I would hate to have to do a complete re-install of these machines from scratch just to accommodate the Call Manager software.

    Anyone else having this problem?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Try deleting the reg key

    hkey_current_user\software\shoreline teleworks\shoreware client\DockingLayoutVX

    Then Reboot.

    This will reset all the windows in PCM


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      That resolved the issue. Thanks for responding.