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  • A few phones date changed to Jan1 and Feb 6

    So we get some calls the other day with the phone resetting also making the user lose data network connection and then the date goes to Jan 1 or Feb 6. we unplug them let them reset and all but two come back up correctly then the last two we reset again and then they finally came up correctly. What would cause this also would this get logged anywhere on the server?

    Thanks in advance

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    Dropped Phones

    Do you have more than one physical location?


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      nope. Three floors with a dell POE on each floor.


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        Roughly how many phones died? Did they all puke at the same time?


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          I believe it was 8 phones and we got info from two people that yes they both seemed to have gone out at around the same time the other phones we either unmanned or the user was away at the time. We did an office wide sweep to check all phones status and found the other problem ones.