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  • Headset / Receiver / Speakerphone

    I have run into a question from a user if it is possible to listen to a call through speakerphone for multiple people in a room but to use either a headset or the receiver to speak into for the other party to hear. I don't believe that this is possible to do but wanted to see if anyone had any suggestions or dealings with a similar question in the past.

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    I don't think this is possible at any level except physical modification of the phone. MGCP provides a way to switch audio path, but it is a single command for switching both mic and speaker, so no option to control each separately.

    Any reason it would have to be through the phone? Could you
    1. Use a softphone?
    2. Use a regular phone, but use a computer for the other people?
    3. Conference two phones, mute one and put it on speaker?
    4. Have you looked at Whisper Page Mute?


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      Just get a conference phone, that will solve your issue.

      High Performance Voice Conferencing with Exceptional Voice Quality: Polycom SoundStation VTX 1000 - Products - Polycom

      Something like this would solve your issue. You can have mics extended to parts of the room.


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        I had the very same request.
        The ceo wanted to have a multi site conference with speaker phones at each main site (10 including the site/room he was standing in), also have individual callers call in, and be heard clearly while walking the room.

        I first tried a Polycom wireless analog speaker phone w/external mics and had the ceo dialed in on an ip-230 with plantronics cs55 headset. It worked but he didn't like wearing a headset. We had some feedback (of course) when he walked near an external polycom mic. That was a bust.

        We went with a Plantronics Soundstation2 wired analog speaker phone and the polycom wireless lapel mic.
        It works great and have used this setup many times. No feedback no matter how close you get to he base unit as the mics act as one (wireless/base).

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          Conference call with two handsets. One on speaker but muted. The other on handset and not muted?