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  • Busy Signal when paging

    Anyone know why we would get a busy signal when paging?

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    we're suddenly having a problem with this, too.

    Running v 7.5


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      I forgot to update this post. My support group said it was something that was stuck in the DB. I was also told that if there is a paging system attached, the paging system might not be responding properly and to check it first.

      Two ways to fix it if its not the paging system, keep in mind i am on 9.1:

      First recreate the same paging extensions on a different paging group. If it works, delete the original and recreate it.

      Reboot the director server


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        Rebooting the Director server appears to have solved this for us.


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          We're on 12.3 and we are having intermittent paging system lock-ups. When it does lock up, we just restart the Softswitch service on the ShoreTel Director server and that IMMEDIATELY unlocks paging.


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            Same issue here even after we upgraded to version 12... very annoying, but it doesnt happen that often.


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              You know what totally fixed it for us? Our ShoreTel ShoreWare Director server is on a Windows 2008 R2 virtual machine running on vSphere 5 (VMware ESXi 5 hypervisor). Our vendor built and installed the server for us and they under-provisioned the virtual machine and only gave it one single virtual CPU core. The thing was NEVER stressed, but nonetheless, after adding another core, the paging system NEVER crashes. We still have a problem with the Sync Delay randomly bouncing between 0.5 and 5 seconds, but that's entirely a different problem.
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