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  • Converting T1 to PRI

    I recently inherited the duty of maintaining my companies phone system. We decided to convert our current T1's to PRI's in order to be able to receive inbound caller ID. We will be with the same provider and on the same connection, just converting them to PRI.

    It seems to me that this will be as simple as changing the SGT1 settings to reflect the proper settings.

    To be more specific, we will be converting from 48 channels of 2 way E&M Wink to 46B + 2 D, NI2, 4digit DNIS, CALLER ID NAME AND NUMBER DELIVERY.

    Am I right to assume I can just change the Layer 3 configuration on SGT1 from
    Protocol CAS to ISDN User, set NI-2 as the Central Office Type, and then everything should continue to work as before?


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    May have to change around the Layer 1 settings depending on how the T1 was configured, but ya it shouldn't take much to get it up and running as a PRI, pretty much what you mentioned. Keep in mind you will have to reboot the SGT1 switch when changing the protocol type.


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      Great....thanks for the response.


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        I figured I would post a follow up in case anyone else needs to accomplish this task.

        There a couple steps beyond just changing the setting on the switch to accomplish a successful T1-> PRI conversion.

        Mainly you will also need to assign the switch to a new PRI Type Trunk Group, there is no way to change a Digital Wink (Analog T1) trunk group to to a PRI type trunk group.

        Here is what I did:

        1. Create a new PRI trunk group and set it up identical to the old Digital Wink trunk group (I am assuming you will be keeping the same DNIS entries, DID's, # of received digits, ect).

        2. At the time of conversion, go into your switch and change the settings to match what your telco tells you. (Mine where, Layer 3: ISDN-USER, NI-2 and Layer 1: Slave, ESF, B8ZS) When you change from CAS to ISDN User it will remove the Channel settings. Change the first to Trunk, Assign it to the new PRI trunk group you created, type in a description and click "Fill Down".

        3. Click save and the switch will prompt you that it needs to reboot.

        4. Now you should just wait while the telco performs the conversion on their end. It took mine about 15-20 minutes. During that time the Quick Look page of my site told me that the "D Channel is Down". When the telco finishes, this should switch to "In Service".

        5. rejoice in your new PRI and the Caller ID capabilities it provides :taz:

        IMPORTANT: Make sure you pre-populate all of your DID's and DNIS into the new trunk group. Otherwise, all of your users DID assignments will reset to blank when you move the switch into the new trunk group.