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  • ShoreTel Call Recording

    Have a customer that has a problem with calls occasionally recording. By that I mean out of 40-50 calls recorded in a day only 2-3 will fail. The problem is that when looking at the log everything is working corrrectly. You see the start record and the stop record.

    The thing that has my confused is that when you look at the log you see the entry for jitter packets and one for underrun. On every call that has failed the underrun packets are huge, like 180,000+.

    All (4) T1's and the server are on the same data switch. All hard coded to 100/full. Network utilization is like 4% never going higher than 15%.

    Currently running 9.2 (14.41.9506)

    Any thoughts? I do have a case open with TAC, but I have had it opened for a while and the initial diagnoses was to put the 9506 release on the system and that would fix the issue, but no luck.

    What am I missing?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Probably does not bear on the issue but are both the data switch, the HQ server, and the voice switches all hard-coded to be 100/full on both ends of every connection? The reason I ask is that if you have one end hard coded and the other auto-negotiating you will actually end up at 100/half (it is just the way it works). So you either have to hard code both ends or leave both auto-negotiate.

    The underruns look very suspect here. I will have to look into it and see...


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      Yes all are hard coded on both the data switch and ShoreTel/server side.


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        We record a lot of calls and what I can see is that if 2 calls end very close to the same time, both calls fail to record and we get and event(1339) in the Directors event log. It seems that the system thinks it is trying to send the call for recording two separate recording devices. The vendor is trying to work with Shoretel now, but have not heard back.


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          Was a solution ever posted for this? I have this with a current client on 13.3 with two PRI's.