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  • Hong Kong IDD no audio both ways


    I am in Hong Kong and we are having problem making IDD calls(009, 0080 etc). When I made test calls, to various numbers in the US, the person on the other end can hear their phone ring and but when they answer, there was no audio both ways(I cannot hear him and he cannot hear me).

    The telco(PCCW) came in, unplugged the T1 from the ShoreTel T1k, plugged it to their test equipment and made IDD 009 calls, they worked fine. so there is no problem with the line and it's probably some setting amiss in the Shortel.

    Have anyone seen similar problem before? Any idea what else to try?

    Yee Liu

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    Did you happen to change your system to use SIP and not port 5440? Did you reboot all devices, server, switches and phones?

    Is the phone behind a firewall?

    Another question for you: we have a site in HK also and they are having issues dialing 0060 numbers, I think PCCW too. Some work and some don't. Would it be possible to have you post the custom dialing strings your system has so I can compare with ours? This has been an issue for us for months.