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  • phone can't connect to ftp server

    Hello Everyone

    I am new to admining Shoretel phone systems. I have an IP560 phone that has service but displays the incorrect time. When the phone boots it is saying that it can't connect to the ftp server and is loading a cached config file. All the other phones in the office are displaying the correct time and to my knowledge would be using the current config file on the ftp server.

    Thanks in advance.

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    And this too.

    We installed our demo yesterday. Noticed the time was wrong. Looked in Director to see where to change the time.
    Our techie says no can do. What? Something that basic? To hear him explain it is kind of like having to be sure the purple dog is at a right angle to a green ant and it is Thursday and only after lunch, you can do it.
    I'd certainly think it is important for the admin person to be able to set the time, globally.


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      If you take the phone that does not work to a network drop that is known to work do you still have a problem? We had a phone that did the exact same thing and it was just a bad drop.

      You may want to try and reset the phone to defaults. It is possible that someone hard coded some information (ftp server, time server, etc). This information (normally) is provided by the dhcp server.

      It is also possible that someone create custom ringers for your phone (created a shore_(mac address).txt) file for a phone. This file would/could contain an IP Address for the ringer file that is incorrect. C:\inetpub\ftproot\shore_(mac address).txt

      As far as setting the time globally, you set a time server in your DHCP Scope, the phones will pull time from that server (the voicemail server usually). We run atomic clock sync software on our server to make sure everything is always up to date.

      Do you not have a time server entry in your DHCP Settings? Is the clock on your VMail server off?

      if you need the actual DHCP options let me know.... Time should be a piece of cake.


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        Phones recieve there time from a SNTP server. This can be a DC that has been enabled as a SNTP server, or it can be a public SNTP server.

        Phones do not get there time from teh VM server (unless you configure it to be a SNTP server)


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          Thanks eazeaz!

          Turns out there were several problems. When we had the system installed the existing dhcp sever was never turned off so I had 2 dhcp servers on the same network trying to dish out the exact same IP range. I ended up disabling the dhcp on the shoretel server and left it running on my DC. Added in the custom shoretel service and checked the time server added in an IP for it and bam! All is working perfectly.

          Thanks again.