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  • Pickup Groups

    Hi all,

    We all know how people (users) hate change.

    On our old analogue/digital system, users were put in "pickup Groups" and if they pressed 8 the they would pick up a call that was going to any of the ext in that group.

    With the ShoreTel system its something like *13+EXT so it's gone from 1 key press to 7.

    The only way around this I have found is to use create a button that sits on the client toolbar, or if the user has a ip230 or above I can assign a button.

    Has anyone come up with a more practice way of being able to assign a number key on the IP110 phones, or something similar?


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    Are these analog phones, because the phones have a pick up soft key button. You can also program two buttons in PCM one for pickup and one for the group.