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  • Upgrade from 7.0 to 9.2

    Hi There,

    I am needing to upgrade from 7.0 to 9.2.

    I have ~150 phones and ~130 workstations with call manager.
    We have a ShoreTel conference bridge
    We have contact center v5.x
    We have an enterprise agreement with ShoreTel (in case I need to get help)

    I wanted to see if anyone on this board has suggestions/tips on how to perform this upgrade. I have been told by many that this will be a two step process.

    Upgrade to 7.5, then upgrade to 9.2.

    I have been told that I should be able to do one after another (in one weekend). Then after we are on 9.2 on the servers, switches, and phones, upgrade the Call Manager software on the client PCs. It may not be supported, but I've heard that it works. Any thoughts?

    Does anyone have experience upgrading the call manager software? We have altiris, but I have heard that altiris doesn't work well pushing out the 9.2 client (is this true?).

    Does the integrated option in ShoreTel that prompts the end user to upgrade the call manager work well? Will it upgrade a 7.0 client to 9.2 and keep the configuration settings?

    Are there any other gotchas that I need to watch out for?

    When I perform this upgrade, I'll be by myself and the office will be closed for the weekend.

    Thanks in advance.

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    good luck my friend. If you want i can ask my tech dept. to take a look at your post and maybe they will be willing to give a hand. pm me if you want me to do so.


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      I did this not too long ago, only went to 9.1 though. Everything went just fine. The Call Manager auto upgrade works as long as the users have the ability to install software on their computers. I'm not sure what you mean by settings, but the users will have to give the servername, userid and password on the install. They'll see the same wizard as you would see installing a new client. If you set up AD integration, before the call manager installs, it will help this a bit by not asking for a username and password. We pushed the software via SCCM, which worked just fine.

      Feel free to ask any questions, but the upgrade is quite easy and I wouldn't stress too much about it. Just make sure you are prepared, and have backups before you start, follow the steps and do one thing at a time (which is pretty generic advice or any major upgrade) and you'll be fine.


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        Also wanted to add that we don't have contact center. Thats the only part I can't be of any help on.


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          Oh, I was thinking that you could upgrade the client without having to enter your username/password and HQ server name...


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            Originally posted by arewethereyet View Post
            Oh, I was thinking that you could upgrade the client without having to enter your username/password and HQ server name...
            We are in the same boat as you, but I have done the 2-step upgrade on a test server to 9.1 with no issues. What has held us up this long is 1) having to push the 30mb+ client upgrade across the WAN to multiple users at 10 sites, and 2), making sure they are trained on the new look and feel before we do it.

            And I don't think it will ask the user for a server/user/password on the upgrade from 7.0 to 9.2. You can actually test the client upgrade on an existing computer to verify this. Once upgraded, it will report that it cannot connect to the server due to a version conflict. After the test, you can uninstall and re-install the older version again. I have done this test as well.


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              Please, back up your registry, your shoreline data folder, mysql and most improtantly, get a copy of your current build, you may need it.


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                We went from Contact Center 4.2 to CC 5.1 and ST 9.1. This was in December. A couple weeks back we upgraded 9.1 to 9.2.
                Make sure you get at least 9.2 Build 3. Earlier builds have issues.
                Install Windows updates up to 10/12/2009 release date. This is per the 9.2 build notes. This included a bunch of .net updates for us.

                Upgrade steps were 7.5 to 8.1. Then 8.1 to 9.1; and finally 9.2. Note that you are moving to a MySQL DB.

                Be aware that Call Manager does lose some functionality.
                Namely the ability to search by company name (ShoreTel KB12282)
                And the ability to monitor an extension. We solved this by programming a key on the phone to do the same thing. In this case an admin assistant needs to know when the boss is on the phone. Before she could do it thru Call Manager.

                You may want to change the codecs back to what they were in 7.5. Some users reports that calls sound tinny or “weird” after the upgrade.


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                  I just wanted to report back that this upgrade went well. We went from 7.0 to 7.5, and then from 7.5 to 9.2. We also went to Cantact Center 5.1 and converged conference 7.1.3. We are having some issues with our conference bridge, but I'm guessing it is something unrelated to the 9.2 upgrade.