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  • Windows updates

    Is there anywhere on the ShoreTel website where it lists which windows updates can be installed on a production server? How do you handle this sort of thing?

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    My management force's updates as soon as they come out, and we have no test environment... So I do alot of praying.


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      I had a situation where an update screwed up our server. It was at that point that ShoreTel support said that the ShoreTel server is not supposed to be part of a Domain, should not receive any windows updates and that ShoreTel could not keep up with the number of updates that Microsoft puts out.

      Our server is part of a domain and I push out updates using WSUS. Our shoretel server is in it's own WSUS group set to not receive any updates automatically. I periodically check the support website for approved Windows Updates, based on the version of the software that we are using. However, lately, this information has become increasing difficult to find...