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  • Caller ID Issue Fixed

    After a month of battling with our local phone company and shoretel, our outbound caller ID Name and Number now work.

    Apparently there are a few carriers that require special codes be sent out by the shoretel to allow caller ID NAME to be sent (i know it is not really "sent"). When we would call out our Name would come up Unknown, or a Random city across the country, or OUT OF AREA.

    I know that the lookup happens at the terminating end, but apparently the default shoretel setup can cause issues with some carriers, requiring these special codes to allow the lookup to happen.

    I use Birch Telecom.

    Just wanted to post this in case anyone runs into similar issues.

    We had to add ;2E to a custom field that is only available through a special service login to director.

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    Where did you add this custom field?

    I am having the same problem. We purchased our equipment through a company and they provide service on addressing problems. They have looked into it, but it is still not resolved.


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      Caller ID

      Who is your phone service provider?
      It surely would not hurt to add the custom code to your dialing string and see if the problem goes away. If it doesn't, they could take the string back out.

      The problem (from what I have heard) happens more often with the smaller Telco's.


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        Caller ID Issue Fixed for use newbies
        hold down the shift and Ctrl with you mouse pointing click your at the User ID before login.*** Support Entry ***
        trunk group choose your "trunk" (Atlanta ATT Trunk Group) look for Trunk Group Dialing Rules: choose the edit bottom and enter ;2E to a custom field that is only available through a special service login to director:
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          Was this a PRI or Analog trunk?


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            Caller Id

            It was a PRI


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              What protocol was it set up on DMS-100, NI-2 etc?


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                Caller ID

                Ours is NI-2


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                  Having same sort of an issue. Not with caller ID but outgoing calling name. The provider says that we have to send it out from the PBX. Generally this is not done at the originating switch but at the providers switch. Is there a way to do this, they say they have turned it on and I have to put in the outgoing name. It is a DMS-100 switch. Has anyone run into this before?


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                    Caller ID Name

                    I believe name has to be sent by the carrier. It usually defaults to the main billing number name for the account.

                    No names will ever show up on cell phones, so if you are testing a call to a cell phone, forget about it. It just doesnt happen. They only match from their local contact lists.


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                      Testing to a land line, provider says they can't do it from their switch it must be done on the ST, not sure if there is any way that I can do that through a custom dial string.


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                        Caller ID Name

                        I believe your provider is probably full of ****.

                        I have been wrong before though.

                        I believe the outgoing names are kept in a database that each carrier has to query/subscribe to. The only way to make changes to the CNAM database is through your vendor.

                        that being said, I posted a custom string that I had to add to ALLOW this lookup to happen with BIRCH telecom. Without the string, shoretel was sending out codes that told the CO to not do a name lookup against the CNAM database. (or thats how Birch interpreted it)

                        did you try the custom string I posted? Who is the telco provider?

                        The phone system doesnt send the NAME. The phone system sends the number (on a pri). The remote telco company does a reverse lookup on the number and matches it to a name. Unless there are flags in the call that tell the phone company that the call is PRIVATE, then the company does not perform the lookup.
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                          Caller ID Name

                          check this thread


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                            You will never have outgoing set name display on PRI's with ShoreTel. The only time NAME is sent out is when using Off Premise Extensions in a Tie Trunk configuration.

                            In Canada, end users are used to having their set name display when they call out over a PRI, but this is not currently possible using ShoreTel. You can send company name from the carrier but not individual set name(s).



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                              Provider is Bell Canada, they state that they cannot set the same on their switch. I guess on a DMS-100 they probably can't without changing everything. I guess we will only be able to send the number.