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  • No Voicemail

    We have an issue at one of our remote sites where when users press the voicemail button they are not hearing the prompt for voicemail. In fact they hear nothing at all. This just started happening today, and worked fine up until this point. All calls and functions are working fine. Anyone experience this before? :rockon:

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    Dead Air

    That usually means someone used remote desktop to log into the server and forgot to uncheck "Leave sound at remote computer".

    shoretel still hasnt fixed this bug I believe. Their installation should disable that RDC feature by default through the registry on the server.

    reboot the server and you should be fine again


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      Thanks for your reply, when you said "forgot to uncheck leave sound at remote computer" did you mean forgot to CHECK leave sound at remote computer? I know MS does goofy things but I would think you would want to leave the sound on the remote computer i.e. shoretel server (I could be wrong). Anyways, that still doesn’t explain why its happening only at one site and not at my 4 other remote locations and HQ. This one is a real head scratcher


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        you want to make sure and LEAVE SOUND AT THE REMOTE COMPUTER. Most RDC clients default to bring sound to the local client, which causes the issue you describe.

        have you rebooted the server yet, before you dismiss this as the cause?


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          I have rebooted both the server and the switch. Still same problem.


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            Is your soft switch running, if so, go and catch it. On a more serious note, ensure it is running and check out your switch connectivity. I ran into a problem like this 3 weeks ago. I reset the server, didnt work, after reseting the soft switch, it did the trick. Let me know how this works out. I just read your post again, do you have dvs's at the other sites?



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              has anyone done the registry hack on shoretel server? this is all I could find:
              A custom wave driver is unloaded when a remote client computer connects to a Windows Server 2003-based computer that is running a TAPI program
              I still have my staff RDP'ing into shoretel server who need to use the trunk test tool and they RDP wrong and bring sound to computer and hose the server...i keep telling them and they don't listen so i want to make "bring sound to this computer" impossible