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  • Are forwarded calls tracked?

    Hi, can I figure out the disposition of a call coming into a workgroup? Can I tell if it is being transferred to another extension? I hope that info is logged somewhere...

    Thanks, Mike

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    This information is available in the CDR data after the call has ended. I do not believe any of the built-in reports will be able to show it to you, but a custom report could.


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      In the Call table, there's a field labeled "Extension" - is that the extension that picked up the call where WorkgroupCall=1? I need a key to the fields in the CDR database...


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        The agent who answered the call is stored in the queuecall table. The entire call lifetime can be traced in the connect table. Both of these are linked to the call table.


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          aha, we're making progress. Thanks! I think I can probably hack together enough SQL to help me out. BTW, I'm using MySQLAdministrator to connect to the ShoreTel CDR database. Maybe I should start another thread regarding tool usage...


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            OK, I am not getting the database structure yet. We have one workgroup; that keeps it simple.

            A simple scenario would be:
            A call comes into the workgroup queue. An agent picks it up. The agent either answers the customer query or forwards it to someone who can.

            I ran this query against the database:

            SELECT `queuecall`.`TargetLastName`, `connect`.`DisconnectReason` FROM `connect` AS `connect`, `call` AS `call`, `queuecall` AS `queuecall` WHERE `connect`.`CallTableID` = `call`.`ID` AND `connect`.`ID` = `queuecall`.`ConnectTableID` AND `call`.`WorkgroupCall` = 1

            Every record returned shows DisconnectReason = 1. I'm not sure what this result is telling me, and how I can identify the calls that were forwarded by agents.


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              For a workgroup call, there are a number of records in the connect table

              * External caller on a trunk
              * The workgroup
              * The agent, if the call connected to an agent
              * Another extension, when the agent transfers the call

              The queuecall table will link to the workgroup connect, but that is not the one that will have a disconnect reason of transferred.


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                Thanks for taking the time to coach (or it is coax?) me through this. This query:

                SELECT `connect`.* FROM `connect` AS `connect`, `call` AS `call` WHERE `connect`.`CallTableID` = `call`.`ID` AND `connect`.`DisconnectReason` = 5 AND `call`.`WorkgroupCall` = 1

                should return only workgroup calls that were forwarded. In the result set, I see the CtrlPartyIDName field and the PartyIDName field, among others. Based on those fields, it looks like the Agent is the CtrlParty and the other person's info is in the PartyID.

                1. If the CtrlPartyID is blank in the above result set, what does that imply?

                2. Some of the fields have nonsensical values to me. All of the TalkTime fields have the same value of '12/30/99 12:00 AM', for example.

                3. PartyIDName contains first name, PartyIDLastName contains last name - but CtrlPartyIDName contains agent first+last name, whereas CtrlPartyIDLastName is blank.

                I'm making observations and looking for illumination. Again, thanks for taking the time to help. BTW, we have ShoreTel 8.1 Build 13.23.4801.0.



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                  1. CtrlPartyID being blank probably implies that the agent picked the call from the WG queue. I didn't test that though.

                  2. Try TIME_TO_SEC on those fields.

                  3. No clue.


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                    TIME_TO_SEC doesn't ring any bells. Where is that applied? Thanks.