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  • Routing by ANI

    Has anyone attempted or succeeded at routing calls based on the incoming caller in or ANI? My idea is to use the junk fax screener to do this. Instead of dropping the call I would route the call to the desired location. I need the code ShoreTel uses for transfers instead of dropping. If anyone has anyone ideas I would appreciate it. Thanks

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    ShoreTel's Professional Services group has an application for routing on Caller ID. The ShoreTel Call Router app will provide ANI/DNIS system wide routing and can will actually be configurable from within ShoreWare Director in ST 9.2 and above. Talk to your ShoreTel reseller for pricing.


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      You could also set up Personalized call handling rules on a user profile, hard forward all calls to that extension, and then have the rules handle the routing for you. Not sure how much call flow this can handle at a given time though, should test if you plan to do it for more than a single PRI or so.