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  • Same Voicemail Greeting for all Modes?

    We have an individual who likes to record a detailed greeting every day. He also likes to use the Mode options to indicate whether or not he in "Out of the Office" or "In a Meeting". However, he does not want to record a greeting for each of the mode he uses every day.

    In other words, he wants to record a greeting for the "Standard" mode and have it play for "In an Meeting" and "Out of Office" modes as well. I can't see any way to make this happen in the system. I could set up some sort of batch file to copy his standard greeting to the other greetings, but I'd like to avoid a custom configuration if possible.

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    I also would be very interested in this - Anyone?


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      One way to do this is to record anything ("test") under each individual mode. Then find the users mailbox on the VM Server; their Standard Greeting will be nnnnGreet01_nn.wav, where nnnn = their extension and nn = some shoretel generated number, of whose signifigance eludes me. Copy the 01 greeting file to the entry created for nnnnGreet02, 03, etc.


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        Would be a manual thing for sure, I have been down this road before with a customer, the only way is to do it on the server by copying. Enhancement request...?? Would be handy.


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          There is also the potential to do this on the server via a service which watches for changes to the file, or even via a scheduled task.


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            A little clunky but you could,
            Create a mailbox only extension
            create an auto attendant with all options to take a message pointing to mailbox user
            record very short silence for auto attendant
            message would end up at new mailbox only extension
            set forwarding options back to users mailbox and delete after forwarding


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              Here's another work around (that wont use a license)

              You could set up a route point as his voicemail box. He would loose the functionality of recording via the call manager though, but he would gain having to only record 1 daily greeting for every CHM.

              Then you could just have that routepoint just forward the voicemail back to his voicemail box.

              For every CHM, just have it forward to the Routepoints' vociemail box.

              I haven't tried this, so I don't know if you can transfer directly to a route points voicemail, so you may need to forward to an autoattendant that "Times Out" to "Take a Message" after 1ms to the route points voicemail box.
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