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  • Duplicate listings in PCM Directory

    I'm getting duplicate entries on some, but not all, users in the PCM System Directory. I've attached an example. Can anyone help me with where the PCM system directory is stored? The duplicate entried do not appear in the directory on the phones.

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    Did you ever find a resolution to this? I am currently having the same issue.


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      Figured this out, import gone bad, run a quick query in the tabaddresses table to get rid of duplicate entries.


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        need to use DBimport tool Step 1 Make a db backup of your config data base.

        copy the DBImportSample.CSV file to a new file call dbremove.csv. (so as not to loose the original). Edit the copy to contain the incorrect extension number (the duplicate one that does not show up in individual user in director) Save the file as DBremove.csv. Run the following command. it will delete the extension you specify at the bottom of the file in my case 637.

        here is my dbremove.csv file to remove extension 637

        Extension,FirstName,LastName,GuiLoginName,GUIPassw ord,TUIPassword,UserLicenseType,CallerID,UserGroup ,Site,Language,VMServer,CallStackSize,AcceptBroadc asts,MakeNumberPrivate,DialByName,FaxSupport,Allow SoftPhone,ClientType,EmailDomain,ConferenceServer, ConferenceServerUserID,ConferenceServerPassword,Ri ngType,CallWaitingToneEnabled,HeadsetAudioPath,PST NFailOverType,PSTNFailOverNumber,HeadsetMode,DIDRa nge,DIDNumber,VoiceMailboxForRecordedCalls,MustCha ngeTUIPassword,HomePhoneMACAddress,HomePhoneNumber ,WorkPhoneNumber,PagerPhoneNumber,CellPhoneNumber, FaxPhoneNumber,LdapUser,LDAPGuid,LdapDomainName,Al lowPapi,MCMAllowed,EnableCC,AllowVideoCalls,AllowT elephonyPresence,SIPPassword,MustChangeGUIPassword ,MustRecordName,IMServer
        637,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,

        Here is my command line to run with the .csv file above.

        C:\Program Files (x86)\Shoreline Communications\ShoreWare Server>Dbimport -log DbLog.log -err DbErr.err DBRemove.csv

        Put the dbremove.cvs file you create in the folder above run this command and extension 637 will be removed. Edit the CSV file for each extension you need to remove and run the command again. Check the extension lists (refresh the view) and the duplicate user/extension will be gone.
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