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  • Need to setup a phone outside a room (with complications)

    Here's my situtation.

    Need to set up a phone outside of a room that automatically calls a hunt group. Problem is, the only thing available for this phone is a connection into our switch. So for obvious reasons I can't simply put a regular IP phone there since anyone can simply rip the phone off the wall and gain access to our network.

    The actual set up of the wiring is as follows. There's an RJ45 jack on a wall outside the room. The cabling then goes into a closet in the room and terminates to another RJ45 jack. Now in this same closet there is another R45 jack that terminates to a patch panel which located in a different part of the building. From the patch panel we plug into a switch. There is no Shoregear voice switch near this switch (it's in another building).

    Right now there is no patch cable connecting the two RJ45 jacks in the closet so the Jack outside the room is not live. There is power in the closet so any sort of device can be put in there. If possible, I'd like the phone outside the room to be an analog device since this would provide the best security.

    We could put SG voice swtich in the closet however it would be crazy to install a $1000+ voice switch to power one $15 - $100 analog phone.

    Anyone have any suggestions?

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    Your best be is actually a door phone that could be mounted so that it is not easily removable from the wall. Here is a link to some Valcom units that should provide good quality and durability (link). I have not actually installed one of these, but you do not want any functionality, just to be able to go off hook and have a conversation will be enough if you use a ring down.


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      You could also use a SIP ATA, such as this. Not sure if it can auto-dial or not.

      Linksys PAP2-NA VoIP Adapter - Includes Two FXS Ports - Unlocked


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        Not 100% foolproof but what about port security? You didn't mention the type of PoE switches but if there's an option to lock it to a particular MAC, it may be a solution. Yes you can MAC spoof but you'd have to determine whether it's a likely scenario based on the level of isolation of this physical location (eg: hidden enough for people to sit there and mess with it) or what you're trying to specifically prevent. For example, casual users just plugging in vs. a determined tech-savvy person.


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          I would agree with the above comments. There are many ways of securing ports on a switch. LLDP, MAC lockdown on the port, 802.1x. It really depends on what network switch you are using and what version of ShoreTel you are on.

          Also the SIP ATA would work also. Connect that in the closet and if phone is disconnected, a computer will not work on it.