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  • Call Manager. Contacts Displaying the wrong information

    We are running Call Manager 9.2 (Build 14.41.4603.0) and one of our switchboard operators contact information is displaying incorrectly. Saying that some people have been on calls for twenty minutes or more when they are available. Is there anyway of repairing the contacts list? Or do we have to rebuild them from scratch?

    Many Thanks

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    We are experiencing the same with one of our customer. Rebuilding the contacts list only worked for a while before it started failing again. Noticed also that contacts eventually become unresponsive and the switchboard user cannot even dial them. We have removed from domain and removed anti-virus before reinstalling call manager - coupld of hours later the problem reoccured. Opened ticket with TAC and awaiting response. Same 9.2 build btw - 14.41.4603.0


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      Did you get any resolution on this? We are having a similar issue where a couple of users are showing the incorrect presence of other users. Kind of like their contacts aren't refreshing properly. We are a still on version 9.1 Build 14.22.2904.0



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        OP, could it be that old Outlook contacts are showing up instead of the current contacts that should be there? For example, I can see one of our user's former maiden name appear instead of her new name, along with old contacts. I just haven't bothered fixing that.


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          Did anyone come across a valid solution to this?

          I have a customer experiencing this in ShoreTel 11.1 build 16.22.9109.0.