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  • Buying used equipment

    I have a chance to buy used Shoretel equipment for pennies on the dollar (phones, switches, IP8000).
    We just had shoretel installed at our location last year and in the process of adding a new location, which will be connected to this facility.
    What would be the challenges with buying this used equipment and installing it at the new location? The new building will literally be connected to the exisiting building that we currently have shoretel running in.
    Would I have to purchase more licenses, if so, what for? Upgrades etc...

    Thank you,

    (Even though I have a chance of getting used equipment, that I know works, at a fraction of the cost the Shoretel partner has quoted me. I want to make sure I am in compliance and run into no serious issues.)

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    Licenses are not-transferable in this case. You can not place the phones under warranty (ever) and you can't place the switches under warranty until you send them to Shoretel for re-certification. I believe the recert is $750 per switch.


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      What if I'm not worried about the warranty? Would I still be able to upgrade the switches?
      I want to be able to make sure the used equipment is up to date with our new equipment.
      How and who would I talk to about licenses? Can I go through shoretel or do I have to use the partner that installed the equipment last year?


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        If you aren't worried about the warranty, then it will work just fine.

        Talk to your Shoretel partner (reseller) about purchasing licenses.