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  • IE 8 not working properly with Director?

    I am trying to use Windows 7 more (Including IE8) and I've noticed that I can't make changes to Auto Attendants. The Save button doesn't seem to work. I can create users but AAs don't work.

    Anybody else run into this?

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    Solved the Problem

    The ActiveX component (VoiceControl) wasn't installing (in fact it wasn't even prompting). That caused me to not be able to save a change in a workgroup.

    I manually downloaded the ActiveX Control twentyfour7.ocx and registered it (regsvr32 twentyfour7.ocx). The next time I logged into the Director, I was hit with the screen to allow the Active X component. The Firewall also through an warning but I allowed that too.



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      Step by Step instructions for 32 bit systems only!:

      Open up URL http://x.x.x.x/shorewaredirector/twentyfour7.ocx

      It will prompt you to save it. Select a folder in your C: drive (ex C:\test\ )

      Open up command line

      Go to the drive C:\test\

      Once your switched to this destination type in

      regsvr32 twentyfour7.ocx

      You will get a pop up that says it has been installed successfully



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        The above worked for me on 64bit Windows 7 as well. If you have UAC enabled, make sure to run regsvr32 as an administrator.