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  • How to configure SG50/90 switches

    OK, I hooked the console cable up to an SG90 and could not get in. Is there a specific way to get in and view the current config?
    We have purchased some used equipment and I want to get in and reconfigure it.

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    Console in and use the 19200 datarate


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      Here's direct from the Shoretel KB...

      1) Use a straight-through serial cable (aka Null Modem Cable), DB9 male to DB9 female, to connect the switch to a console PC.
      2) On the PC or laptop, start a terminal emulation program [hyperterminal] and connect to the voice switch using these serial communication settings: 19200 bps, 8 data bits, no parity, one stop bit, no handshake.
      3) At the ShoreTel login prompt, press ENTER to display the Switch Options menu.
      4) Type 3 and press ENTER to display a menu of configuration options.
      5) Choose Menu Options and follow the onscreen instructions for setting network parameters, including IP address, subnet mask, and gateway.


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        SG50V console login issue

        I have connected my cable and i am connected to the SG50V. I hit enter and this comes up "BVRWH50V-1 Login:" .

        I have tried the main logins for ShoreTel Director and the passwords i received from ShoreTel, but none works.

        We have tried logins: anonymous, Admin, admin, administrator, Administrator, blank and none of these have worked. Any Idea on the login for the SG50V consoles. I have also tried just hitting "Enter" and it still does not work.



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          The default settings should work on a new switch. They are:
          userid: anonymous
          password: ShoreTel

          BVRWH50V-1 Login: is not the standard SG50V welcome. Then I re-read and see its a used switch. So its previously been configured.

          The reset pin hole on front will not reset the IP address to defaults. It just resets the switch. KB10523. But I think this will reset the password to the default settings. (Pretty sure this is how I configured several pre-configured switches).

          I dont have a switch next to me to test but try doing this. Then use the default login details.

          PS. I guess it would be too easier to have a label on it with the IP address?

          The bootchange and ipbxctl commands require the IP address for the switch.


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            login worked

            Thank you very much. it worked with the reset.

            The problem was that they changed the IP scheme in the server room without telling me.