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  • Custom dial string help

    I'm installing a site in Japan and they are needing a custom dial string so toll calls can be placed out a BRI trunk and not there PRI trunk. What they want to do is have the user dial 9,60 then the 8 digit number. the 9 is for an outside line, the 60 is just telling the shoretel system to send the number out the BRI. The 60 shouldn't be passed on to the telco. I'm only here for a few more days and I really don't want to go through Pro services to get this done. Any help would be great. Thanks.

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      Thanks for you reply. Let me add some more details. We have 2 trunks here. Japan PRI and Japan BRI. I added the site string to the site settings and the trunk settings to the BRI trunk group. When we dial we are cut off before the last numbers are entered. we are dialing 9 60 0120 03 0033. it starts dialing after we inter 9 60 0120 03 00. We can't get the 33 entered.

      looks like the system is only accepting 8 digits before it starts dialing.

      We need to be sure the 60 is not passed on to the telco. 60 is only a way of telling the sytsem to dial out with the BRI.