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  • Basic question about Caller ID

    Shoretel is installed and working.

    We have two locations 'HQ' and 'Satellite' connected by ISDN trunk

    Lets say HQ is New York and Satellite is Atlanta

    If New York employee calls a cellphone in Atlanta ... the call goes through the trunk to save on toll. This works.

    But the problem is the caller id for that incoming call on that cellphone shows the Atlanta main number (not the New York number).

    Is there any way to push the caller id info through the trunk ?

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    Check the ShoreTel admin guide for the breakdown of how caller ID is passed. It can be passed at site level, switch level, IP address range level or by individual user. Off the top of my head I forget the hierarchal order. Also take into consideration the settings you are configuring and if they also impact E911 as well.