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  • Switches reboot on own

    Any one seeing these messages?

    1. First one:
    ================================================== =
    Switch Corp-01: Task exception occurred. System automatically restarting.

    2. Then bam, restart
    Switch Corp-01: System has restarted.
    Product: ShoreWare
    Firmware Version: 12.6.3102.0
    BootROM Version:
    Boot Base Version: 1
    CPU Board: Rev 2.4.158

    I have a 60/12 and 40/8 that just started rebooting on their own in the last couple of weeks for no reason.

    Any ideas?


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    Do you have SIP phones tied to that switch?
    Randy Wensmann
    [email protected]
    (408) 385-3485


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      Oh Shoretel 7.0! What has changed in the environment? SIP could potentially be doing it if you are leveraging SIP Trunks for anything (IP8000 or other SIP phones).


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        Yep, I had the same problems, but it was on 8.1, I think. It was SIP phones causing it. It was fixed with an upgrade.


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          Reboot Follow Up

          I should have posted this a while ago....The problem I was having with the switches automatically rebooting was traced back to Symantec's anti-virus software. It was installed on the Shoreware server as a precaution because of virus attack. I had noticed that the rebooting of the switches start shortly there after and had the Symantec software removed. Since then everything has been stable. I am running Version 7 Build: 12.6.3102.0. Yes, it is old version but for the most part it is stable version based on how we use it.