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  • Changing AutoAttendant message remotely BY PHONE

    Forgive me if this has already been eyes are burning from trying to find a similar thread!

    We are very new to this IP phone system, and have Shortel Ver. 9, and are having an awful time getting answers from our local reseller.

    We want to be able to change the autoattendant BY phone, remotely.

    Meaning, if there is a weather emergency, the receptionist (no computer at home) needs to be able to dial in, and change the default message to a new "we are closed today" type message.

    Is there anyway to do this via phone, or do we need to connect to the server to accomplish this?!

    Thanks for any help!

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    The autoattendant settings have a tick box which is set to allow prompt recording by telephone. You will also need to set a numeric passcode.

    To access the autoattendant by telephone only:
    Dial into the voicemail system
    If you are prompted for a password press hash/pound
    Otherwise enter the extension number for the autoattendant
    Enter the numeric passcode you specified followed by hash/pound.
    Listen to the prompts.

    The other way is if you have access to ShoreWare Director:
    Click preferences at the bottom of the Administration section.
    You will see there are some settings to put in a telephone number to allow prompt recordings. This doesnt have to be an extension number. If you need to put in and external telephone number, you need to put in 9+1nnnnnnnnn as appropriate where nnnnnnnnn is the full telephone number. Click Save at the top.

    Next browse to the Autoattendant and use the record button.
    The phone you specified will ring and you will hear instructions.
    Dont forget to save the autoattendant when you have changed the prompt.


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      Thank you.....!


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        This is exactly the info I needed. Thank you!