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  • Verizon SIP Trunks

    Does anyone have any words of wisdom as far as Verizon sip trunks go?

    How does SIP trunks work with least cost routing?

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    It doesn't work with Least Cost Routing. It doesn't work with Find Me, Office Anywhere, Trunk-to-Trunk transfering, or anything that will send the originating Caller ID.

    ...unless you hardcode a single DID for the trunk group at each site. What this will do is send a one caller ID for all calls going out the SIP trunk. If someone is in Texas and using Least Cost Routing to make a call through a California site's trunk, they will display the California Caller ID to the outside caller.

    You could just isolate user group to only using their local trunks and not use Least Cost Routing, Long Distance rates on SIP trunks are so minimal anyways.


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      Can you not spoof CallerID with sip trunks, or did I misunderstand something?


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        I'm not sure if the carrier needs to do anything, but we pass our own caller ID with SIP trunks just as we would with a PRI without any trouble.


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          i use 3 SIP TRUNK providers for my Shoretel. There is:

          1. Bandtel - I use the Adtran 904 to provide PRI to the SG-t1. Trunks work FLAWLESSLY and I pay around $18/month per trunk at G711.
          2. Broadvox - Sharing the same Adran 904 above, I use these trunks for diversity and inbound CNAM. It's nice to see more then just the phone number calling.
          3. Etherspeak - Most cost effective because you have a VPN tunnel straight to the Shoretel switch. The only catch is that you have to purchase Shoretel SIP TRUNK licensing and a minimum of 3 trunks from etherspeak. It's in it's infancy and has good capatibility with Shoretel 9.

          Hit me with any further questions.