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  • Hunt Groups Per Switch

    We are currently running 8.1, and are planning on upgrading to 9.2.

    I'm going through the Admin Guide for 9.2, I see Hunt Groups Per Switch is limited to 8 (on page46).

    Currently, we have switch's with 17, 15, and 10 hunt groups.

    Could the 8 limitation be a type-o?

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    technically, we are also overloaded on some switches, and have been for years, without issues. we're still running 7.5. my suspicion is that the max number of HGs is based upon numbers of calls and numbers of phones ringing. i.e., how busy the switch is. our HGs are seldom real busy, and never all at once. anyways, that's my silly guess.


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      The 8 hunt group OR 16 members maximum (so two groups with 8) has been around for a LONG time, since hunt groups came out back in 5.1 or 5.2. It was related to processor power on the SG switches around HG utilization. We've exceeded the limits on installs for a long time so as long as the HG utilization isn't high. The kilauea switches have faster processors than the Fujis, so this should be less of an issue.

      That being said, if you start to see erratic behavior on a SG switch with hunt group design exceeding specs, it might be taxing the CPU too much.


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        What are some of the issues that this can cause? Also, is it still the case in newer versions say 10.2 and 11? Thank you so much.


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          The hunt group limitation is still an issue in the latest software releases. As mentioned above it's a soft limitation and unless the hunt groups are used heavily it shouldn't be an issue. If you call into Shoretel Support and report problems with erradic call behavior they often times cite the 8 hunt groups / 16 members per switch limit before they'll escalate the problem to engineering. Personally I create a live hunt group and a backup hunt across two different switches for redundancy. Even though the backups are almost never used Shoretel still counts these against their 8 hunt / 16 member rule which can make it a PITA to get support sometimes. I've never been a fan of the hunt group limitation and think its a cop out.