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  • Ramdom users loosing their custom IP Phone Buttons

    We have several users that are loosing their programmed IP Phone buttons--me included. I first thought it was a phone, cycled it, no luck and then went into the user account and the settings for the Program IP Phone buttons were blank? We are running 9.1 and using 230Gs...anyone else run into this?

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    Have you checked your event logs?
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      I just checked the logs and didn't see anything that may be related.


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        Same here...

        We have the Workgroup Agent Call Manager on Shoretel 9. With us though, it's not only the programmed buttons, but also the login/logout buttons, and the Contacts tab. There may be more. We're running on an old infrastructure though. Standard Cat5 that is 13+ years old. Also connected to gigabit Dell PowerConnect 6248 switches.

        Have you found anything out?