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  • Looking at Exchange 2010?

    So I am looking at upgrading to Exchange 2010 this year from Exchange 2003 and I see they have what appears to be very good Unified Messaging now. I know it was available in Exchange 2007 also, but has anyone used or switched to Exchange Unified Messaging?

    Whats your thoughts on UM in either Exchange 2007 or 2010?

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    Nobody? Maybe this is not allowed here on the Shoretel forum?


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      We have looked at UM/OCS but most of our clients are small businesses which cannot afford the infrastructure involved in setting it up. (After watching a presentation from ShoreTel, I believe I counted a minimum of 5 servers.)

      I would guess this might be part of the reason you haven't gotten a response.


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        We do a lot of testing of new features and/or integrations for Shoretel. Consequently, we've used Exchange 2007 as the VM server for some users (I even had my VM there for a brief amount of time). While it is "neat" and offers some interesting functionality, you lose a lot of Shoretel features that depend on native use of their voicemail. Exchange lacked a lot of those and Microsoft added some in with 2010 (call routing rules and the ability to natively blink a MWI).

        Just consider, if you implement Exchange as the VM (which you need an enterprise CAL for) you lose call handling modes, find me, escalations and office anywhere.

        You CAN do this all on a single server that hosts the various Exchange roles but you need to pay close attention to Exchange design best practices. Any larger environment will see the UM role split off on a seperate server with limitations on the number of concurrent call each UM server can handle.