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  • Custom Headset Volume Recommendations

    Does anyone have any recommended settings for the Headsets? We are using a local manufacturer's headsets (Acoustical Innovations) that are a direct connect to the headset jack on these. I have tried my own custom settings but we get a ringing in the earpiece and a poor microphone level when using the headsets.

    I have referenced the following forums and have come up with my own custom settings:

    - Adjusting Volume on Phones
    - See Custom Values on Phone

    Here is what we are using for our custom settings:

    HeadsetLevels 10240,183,258,409,649,1028,1630,2899,6491,10288,14 333,1631,13,13

    I dont know if those levels are too high and have damaged the headsets to the point they are producing ringing from them or what but I am trying to boost what the caller hears as well as what our agents hear from their microphone.

    Any help is appreciated.