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  • PCM and Voice mail notification

    Hello Everyone-

    Here is a few issues that I think I have and would like your opinions and suggestions.

    1) The only way to get a vmail notification is to have my outlook and PCM open? Currently this is the only way we can get messages to my outlook by having the PCM running in conjunction with outlook. If a user logos off for the day the messages will not be delivered to his outlook and not be routed to his hers blackberry. Is there a way in the shoreware director to by pass this incovinience?

    2) Similar to above. I must have the PCM loaded to for my call history to display missed calls. Again if I logoff and certain people calls my direct DID it will never show on my pcm, unless it's loaded.

    Thanks for your insight.

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    To work around point 1 I use email notification. I turn this on in an escalation profile and then assign that profile to Out of Office and In a Meeting modes. That way when I get a VM while I'm in one of those modes I get an email saying I have a new VM. I don't worry about it in Standard because I'll probably be back at my desk soon anyway. Then I use MCM to check the message.


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      For point 2; PCM stores history in a local text file. It only writes to it when it is running. There is no work around for it that I know of because of that. The only way a local user can review missed calls with the PCM shut down is via the redial button on the phone itself.


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        I don't have anything to add in terms of functionality, but I would like to see ShoreTel integrate with Exchange rather than rely on Outlook for things like voicemail integration and calendar integration.

        I'd also like to see call history stored on the server rather than the local client. It would be pretty cool if I went to another office, logged into the phone and saw the call history on my PC and my phone.