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  • Migration of DHCP problems

    I am currently helping with a migration from one domain to another, and have noticed something odd. I am seeing inconsistant times on all phones off by a few days but those days are from a week or so ago. All scope options were copied over (003, 006, 015, 042, 156, and even now added 066). I can reset all phones (ShoreTel 265) and they seem to pull a lease but the leases does not show up on my DHCP server. Phones still operate and work, but there have been drops throughout the day. Any Ideas?

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    Have you tried using Scope Option 4? Incase you have, some other questions that would help are when you say Reset do you mean you are running a Mute Clear Pound command on them or just unplugging them? What version of software are you running? Have you tried manually setting one to an outside SNTP address ( to see if that corrects it? What other changes have been made other then the Domain? Dropped calls or the phones go to a No Service?
    Randy Wensmann
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      Direct from Shoretel KB. Maybe something here will help?

      Phone gets DHCP address, but time setting is off

      Issue: After getting config from FTP and restarting, phone shows "requesting service" then comes back with DHCP address, but time is off.
      Scenario: Phone is booting up. Phone get all FTP parameters and parameters have been verified on the DHCP server. Phone comes up and time is off.


      One possibility:

      Switch is set for Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol globally, but ports need to be set as edgeports(or fastport, depending on the switch vendor). This causes the ethernet port to immediately forward traffic, bypassing the ~30 seconds it takes for a standard port in a RSTP to negotiate.
      Understanding Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (802.1w) [Spanning Tree Protocol] - Cisco Systems

      Another Possibility:

      The TimeServer specified in DHCP is not a valid TimesServer. Verify the TimeServer.