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  • Auto Dial Upon Pickup

    Is there a way to have a ShoreTel phone automatically dial an extension upon picking up the receiver. It's a strange request, but when our receptionist is at lunch, when a visitor walks in, we would like them to pick up the phone and automatically be connected to someone else in the office, preferably without requiring them to press a button.


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    If you go into user's under general there is a delayed ringdown checkbox, you can set this to go to a specific extension and put the ringdown delay to 0. You would have to program it each time they left if you are hoping to do it with the receptionists phone.


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      We have several "common area" phones that do just that. Using the procedure above, you can set it to call your receptionist. Our receptionist is a hunt group. That way when people come and go, you dont have to reprogram anything. The members of the hunt group change, but not the group itself.

      So if you are in the basement storage area, and pickup the phone, it calls the receptionist hunt group...


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        You guys are awesome. Thank you for your help with this procedure. Have a great weekend.