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  • After Hours Auto-Attendant not picking up

    We're on Build 13.23.2606.0. We have a schedule set up so that the system rings the receptionist between 7AM & 5PM, outside of those times, we have an Auto-Attendant set up to let callers know our hours and to prompt them to dial an extension. Recently, we had someone call in at 5:15PM and the AA failed to pick up. This person said that the main phone just rang.

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    So many possibilities. Are you able to replicate this issue? The most common problem is a misdial, if no one answered how do you know they dialed the right number? More importantly why wouldn't you go to AA in daytime mode too if there were an unexpected long delay? We normally set the trunk group default o the AA. We create a day ring hunt group with the receptionist as a member and the no answer definiton to the automated attendant. You can set that to a ridiculously high ring count, 8 rings before forwarding. Then the schedule has the definition as after hours straight to the AA. If your time is off, or the schedule fails your caller will still get answered


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      I am able to replicate the issue. I tried calling our main number at 5:15PM yesterday. The AA never picked up. When outside of our normal work hours, the AA should automatically pick up.
      Thanks for the suggestions, I'll give 'em a shot.


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        Try calling your AA several hours outside of normal working time. That will rule out a simple time zone issue.

        I believe all your schedules are ran through the shoretel server itself. If the clock is wrong there, its a no go.

        If your server was on eastern time and your office was in LA, I think you would be hosed as well.


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          I can't imagine that it'd be a time zone issue. The server is located in the same building that I'm in.


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            Does the call ring at the receptionists desk after hours? I would look at the trunk test tool while making a call after hours and see where the system is trying to route the call. It should give you an idea of where to look for the problem. If it's routing to the AA and its just not answering, I would try recreating it.


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              Awesome, I'll check that out. Thanks


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                physical server location has little to do with it.

                I cant tell you how many systems I have seen set to "central america" time zone in the control panel, instead of "Central Time US"..........

                people see the first "central" and select it.

                there is also a time zone setting inside of shoreware director, under SITES

                these are the settings, in addition to your system CLOCK that control when your schedules kick on and off.

                now if your schedule is NEVER working (6 hours after you close it still isn't on), then I would say you had a different issue.


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                  OK, thank you for clarifying. I'll check that right now.


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                    Time Zone Check

                    Does the long silence mean that the Time zone was wrong, or do you still have the problem?