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  • Unable to update On/Off Hours

    I have a receptionist that has the Operator Call Manager and assigned to the Workgroup to answer the main #. At night she changes the workgroup schedule to Off hours and the next morning the drop down list to change it back to On hours is not available. When logging into SD it shows that the agents are logged in. The only way to change it back to On hours is (1) log into the vm box and update the on hours schedule or (2) log the agents out in SD and then log them back into the WG.

    Has anyone run into this issue? by the way they are using windows7

  • #2
    ok so this is what i found in the KB: Tech Note 0115

    Talked with TAC and apparently is still an open issue:

    Users may find that they lose certain types of Shoreline client functionality (such as the ability to
    change call handling modes) if they place their computer in “standby” mode. The loss of
    functionality is apparent once the user logs back into the computer and resumes the use of their
    Shoreline client.
    In order to avoid this loss of client functionality, Shoreline recommends the following methods for
    suspending activity on a PC:
    - Lock a computer screen instead of placing it in standby mode. This will keep all
    programs, connections and hardware active on the PC, but will not provide any
    form of energy saving.
    - Stop all Shoreline client programs prior to placing the computer in standby mode.
    - Shut the computer down completely rather then placing it in standby mode.
    This issue will be resolved in a future release of Shoreline software.