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  • External Assignment/Caller ID issue

    Looking for some input on a weird problem. Have everything setup for a users extension to use External Assignment. Can use Trunk monitor and see the call attempts to dial out. HOWEVER the LEC (QWEST) has the PRI setup that unless I send caller ID they will reject the call.

    1) Has anyone else ever heard of a PRI requiring caller ID be outpulsed in order to make calls?
    2) Is anyone aware of a way that I can outpulse caller ID on calls that utilize External Assignment?


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    there is a way of making the outbound calls for from the voice mail (this includes external reassignment) show the BTN or whatever number you choose. However, this overides ALL oputpulsed IDs for that trunk group. So the easier fix if this is a necessity is have the carrier provide the BTN on all outbound calls


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      From the note I wrote for ShoreTel (Edited and made more user friendly by Rich)

      Many Telco’s are dropping calls when the calling party number is not owned by the customer. This comes up often with Find me and External Assignment features
      How to send Billing number and DID numbers out on a PRI when a call is being rejected due to ShoreTel sending the calling party number when placing the call out the PRI trunk group.
      1. Determine your BTN number
      2. Determine your DID range(s)
      3. Log into Shoreware Director in support entry mode
      4. Select Trunks, and then your trunk group
      5. Under Custom Dialing Rules place your custom BTN string (to be discussed further)
      6. Add your custom DID string(s)
      7. Click Save
      8. Restart the Shoreware Telephony Management Service
      We will now run through an example with the BTN being (408) 555-1234 with DID ranges of (408) 555-1200 through (408) 555-1299 and an additional DID of (408) 555-5555.
      In support entry we will add the following:
      ;16E<E'+MX.>4085551234x.%999G<E'+140855512XX>xmX.% 999G<E'+14085555555>4085555555x.%999G
      In this string:
      ;16E enables the Calling Party Replacement.
      <E'+MX.>4085551234x.%999G will cause ShoreTel to send 4085551234 if no other match can be found.
      <E'+140855512XX>xmX.%999G Matches the DID range so that users with DID will send their DID when they call out
      <E'+14085555555>4085555555x.%999G Will send out 4085555555 when that specific user call out.
      It is also important to note that this assumes the telco wants the Calling Party number in a 10 digit format. Some telco's may want 11 digits (sending the 1) and if this is the case, the string would be the following:
      ;16E<E'+MX.>14085551234x.%999G<E'+140855512XX>xX.% 999G<E'+14085555555>14085555555x.%999G
      This can be determined either by running a PRI trace, or by simple trial and error.
      Finally, it must be stated that you should not create the strings in Microsoft Word, or any advanced word processor, but only in plain text files. The reason being that in their format they can add hidden symbols that will be placed into the custom dialing rules when you do a copy and paste, but will not be visible.


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        Thank you for the update. I actually found that information out on ShoreTel's website. That fixed the problem.