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  • RPC port manipulation on Shoretel Call Manager

    Is there any way to manipulate the Call manager RPC ports so that I do not have to open my firewall? I have tried the registry hack and the component services change and can set the client port to a 50000 - 50099 but the source is continually dynamic no matter what changes I do. When a DVS server or Headquarters servers p/c's I need to sniff the new ports with wire shark and open those ports. Have 7 sites with 27 locations it is becoming very cumbersome. If there was a http client with the same feature set that would resolve this issue.....

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    Why are you restricting on source port? As with many server-based protocols, PCM's source port is dynamically chosen by the OS. For example, one of my HTTP connections right now has a source port of 41996 and a destination port of 80.

    Usually firewall rules are based off destination address and port.