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  • PCM.exe crash when answering softphone call

    I have a user that when going into softphone mode on the call manager will crash when a call is connected.

    User is on call manager 9.2
    Windows 7 pro (x86)
    TAPI is setup correctly
    we have other Windows 7 users that do not have this problem at all.
    I have another laptop with the same configuration (windows 7, etc...) and when I log into his account on the call manager I don't have this issue at all.

    the error says:
    EyeP Stream
    Unexpected Failure
    Program PCM.exe
    Version EMStream W32 5.7.20 SH
    File: EMWasapiBase.cpp
    Line: 445

    I've uninstalled and re-installed plus blown out any remains in the registry. I'm all but formatting the machine and starting over, unless anyone has any ideas thanks...

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    Before you format the machine try unistalling any antivirus programs. Seen this once before and just disabling the firewall/antivirus didn't help, but uninstalling it did.


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      I resolved my issue by making sure that i had the latest audio driver. I installed the driver, rebooted and bam! Problem Solved.


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        Having this issue too -

        version 9.2 build 14.41.4603
        Windows 7 Enterprise 32bit
        Dell Optiplex 960

        Tried updating the audio drivers to the latest version according to Dell's website and no luck - same error. Softphone seems to work though, the error pops up upon placing or receiving a phone call.


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          Ok, it seems that the error only appears when I am using a non-USB headset (just plugging headphone/mic into the audio jacks on the front of my tower). USB headset works perfectly.


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            Windows 7/Drivers

            I too can verify this issue with PCM installed on Windows 7 (mine happens to be on a Dell machine as well). The issue only occurs when using the onboard audio device. A USB headset (Logitech, in our case) bypasses the issue.


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              I get the same error when my laptop is docked, but out of the docking station, it works just fine. Any suggestions?


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                I had several problems running on W7. I am on release 10.1. At the en I selected the "compatibility mode" option and set to Windows XP. No big issues now. waiting to release 11.1 to upgrade.


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                  PCM Build 7.5 12.15.7800 SoftPhone error

                  When placing a call with SoftPhone or receiving a call, get the following error: I can click on ignore several times and the call and PCM are still active. Hitting abort or retry kills the call and PCM. PCM installed on my laptop w/Win 7 Ultimate 64.

                  eyeP Stream
                  Unexpected failure.
                  Program: STCHost.exe
                  Version: EMStream W32 5.6.5SH
                  File EMWasapiRecorderThread.cpp
                  Line: 199

                  Contact eyeP Media with above information.

                  <abort> <retry> <ignore>

                  Any solutions out there?


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                    Originally posted by HCC View Post
                    PCM installed on my laptop w/Win 7 Ultimate 64.
                    And attempting to run with ShoreTel Version 7.5? Good luck with that.

                    This is a small extract of the build notes that accompany version 10.2 build 15.41.6901.0 (the latest build at the time I posted this) it lists the supported platforms on which PCM is expected to run correctly

                    Call Manager
                    • Windows XP Professional (with SP3) (32-bit version)
                    • Windows Vista (Business Edition or Enterprise) with SP2 (32-bit version / 64-bit version)
                    • Window Terminal Servers on Windows 2003 (with SP2) (32-bit version / 64-bit version)
                    • Window Terminal Servers on Windows 2003 R2 (with SP2) (32-bit version / 64-bit version)
                    • Windows Terminal Server on Windows 2008 (with SP1) (32-bit version)
                    • Citrix 4.5 on Windows 2003 (with SP2) (32-bit version)
                    • Citrix 5.0 on Windows 2003 (with SP2) (32-bit version)
                    • Citrix 5.0 on Windows 2008 (with SP2) (32-bit version)

                    Nope, can't see windows 7 in there....
                    Last edited by ShoreTel_Dave; 08-19-2010, 10:57 AM.