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  • Softphone user kick off other softphone user

    We have 2 users that are using the softphone, when one goes online with his softphone it kick another user to "unassigned" mode and vice versa. We have enough licenses. Not sure what else to try..
    they are using the Call Manager 9.2. Do we need to make available ports? Like if there is a reserve amount by default..

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    Did you clone your machines from a single image, or do you use a VPN client on both machines? Softphones have a port name derived from the MAC address of the first network card. This is cached in a registry value.

    1. If you clone a machine after it is cached, the cached value will be used, even though the new machine has a different MAC address. This means two softphones have the same port name and thus cannot be simultaneously active.

    2. If you use certain VPN clients, the VPN software's MAC address may be chosen instead of your real network card. Some of these VPNs use the same MAC for all their clients.


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      Daniel is correct.

      I would recommend launching the command prompt and doing an ipconfig /all write the MAC (Physical) address down of the active network connection. Then launch regedit and go to HKLM>Software>EyeP Media>Mgcp.

      In that key you will find EndPointName right click and choose modify backspace off the exsisting MAC (if it is not the same as the local area connection already) and add in the MAC of the local area connection you wrote down before.

      Exit the regedit and relaunch the softphone. Do this to both machines and you should be good to go.