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  • Extension - Maximum recording limit has been exceeed.

    I'm trying to set up an extension that isn't tied to any phone. We are trying to set up the AA menu so the employees can press a number to hear if the office is open or closed because of weather or whatnot.

    When I call to changed the Voicemail message on any of the Call Handling Modes it says "Please record your greeting at the tone, when finished press pound" it then immediately says "The Maximum recording limit has been exceeded". So I'm unable to record anything, and it then hangs up the phone.


    Thanks in Advance.

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    That is a class of service issue. You have assigned a COS that does not allow a mailbox. Check which user group that extension has.


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      Use a route point

      Also, if you do this with a route point you will not eat up Station or VM license.


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        If you use a route point, can you call into it and record a message.

        The only reason we were trying to set up a mailbox, was the people who may have to notify the employees don't have access to the Shoretel system. They are HR or Exec's, but they can call in and change the voicemail message for poor weather.


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          Thanks JMitchell.

          The COS for that group had no mailbox.


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            You could also configure an Autoattendant for this anouncment which can be configured to allow recording from a phone.